I was scrambling around trying to figure out how to get the family spaghetti back on the table. Especially after my son was diagnosed with kidney failure. Thick, rich, garlic-infused red sauce was a staple for years in our household.

The issue, of course, was that Michael was in kidney failure and could not eat tomatoes. The phosphorus and potassium levels in his blood work would not allow for even a magazine with a tomato on the cover. Sure, we have had our share of pasta, white pasta along with white rice and both were getting too much to eat every day. We needed something new-something comforting.

The idea occurred to me as I was roasting bell peppers, watching the char turn the pepper sweet. What would happen if I could puree the grilled bell and turn it into a sauce, using chicken stock? Cream would have been my preferred choice, but this kidney patient was allowed no dairy.

Hence began a new-kidney friendly version of the Italian Fav, Spaghetti Sauce, ala Kidney Friendly. The first few batches needed work because of texture and after I figured out how to blend at high speed, I had something the family was commenting about. I added some fresh herbs and it because a weekly meal. It wasn’t perfect, but my goal was nutrition first, then taste. It worked. Learn more about the renal diet.

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