Kidneys and Girl Scouts

Kidneys and Girl Scouts

IMG_1991The Charles and Jennie Machado Foundation was asked to set up and spread the word about Kidney Failure and to talk to people about Live Kidney Donations at the annual Girl Scout Color Run in San Bernardino, CA. The Kidneys and Girl Scouts event was an important opportunity to teach young girls and their families about kidney health.  According to David Maxfield, event coordinator, “There are about 4000 people at this event today.”

The Machado Foundation continued their “Kidney Bean Guess” with participants trying to guess how many kidney beans were in a very large bowl. Kimbery Morgeon, a third-year scout guessed one billion beans, not quite accurate, but others spent a lot of time, pulling smart phones with calculator functions to determine their own formulas.

Ten Winners for The Kidney Beans Guess

The ten winners are listed below, winning t-shirts, grocery bags, and Starbucks cards. Thank you to all the participants and to the hundreds who stopped by our booth to learn more about kidney health and opportunities for becoming a kidney donor. The correct count is 9,126.

How Many Kidney Beans?Winners in no particular order:

Ana Guerrero

Crystal Florian

Abby Oshaben

Amanda Castillo

Shea Hawk

Karyen Reed

IMG_1988Sarah Jensen

Kimberly Sims

Stephanie Moore

Hannah Halpern


The Charles and Jennie Machado Foundation is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization dedicated to educate, inform and inspire those affected by kidney failure. They envision a world where people in need of a kidney transplant don’t have to wait until someone dies just so they may live.



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