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    The Charles and Jennie Machado Foundation has identified that the lack of understanding about health and Organ Donations is a predominant obstacle to thoroughly discussing Renal Failure, Kidney Disease and Organ Transplants.
    Did you know that the major cause of Renal Failure is Type II Diabetes? Most people associate diet as the major cause of Type II Diabetes, however excess weight is only one risk factor. Family history plays a major role because if you have a family history, your chances of also developing Type II Diabetes are increased.

Although unclear from several years of gathering data, Hispanics, African Americans, American Indians and Asian Americans are twice as likely to develop Type II Diabetes than Caucasians are.

What does this have to do with Renal Failure?


The kidneys are primarily a very intricate and efficient system of filtering the body’s waste. Each kidney contains miniscule filters called Nephrons and each kidney has about a million of these single cell filters.
As result of Type II Diabetes, the body is unable to use glucose properly; this sugar builds up in your system. This causes injury in the filteringsystem and as the nephrons become unable to filter, others take over, but those million filters soon begin to break down over time and as the body is unable to eliminate toxins and release protein, many otherwise normal functions suddenly stop working.
It is estimated by the National Kidney Foundation, that up to 40% of adults suffering from Type II Diabetes will eventually suffer from Kidney Disease.

The other leading cause of Renal Failure is Hypertension. Yes, High Blood Pressure, left untreated is the second cause of Kidney Failure.
90% of all those suffering from Kidney Disease have Hypertension. Data from sources like the Urologic Diseases Information Clearinghouse, report that Hypertension adds more than 15,000 new cases of Kidney Failure in the United States every year.
Like in all of life, it is the small details that seem to cause the majority of problems and it is the same with kidneys. Because in the size of a closed fist, the kidney is asked to house a million filters and work continuously 24-7 in order to keep the body operating a peak capacity. You can imagine what must be taking place in each kidney and this is where Hypertension begins its destruction. As the high pressure of the blood travels through the blood vessels, the smaller vessels cannot handle the load and as a reaction, the kidneys release a hormone called renin, which further increases blood pressure. Pretty soon, the Kidneys are no longer able to function properly until they stop working all together.

The Charles and Jennie Machado Foundation have joined forces with Harvey Mysel founder of The Living Kidney Donors Network, to take this knowledge on the road. Speaking a Fraternal and Business organizations, it is our goal to educate people about their own health as well as to open the discussion about Kidney Donations.


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