My husband and I started the Charles and Jennie Machado Foundation in order to be the voice for so many people who are suffering from End Stage Renal Disease. After my own son was diagnosed and soon after received a live kidney donation, we were of course elated, but in the back of my mind, I felt that we couldn’t leave the others we had met. If we couldn’t do something for them, who would? Besides my work with the Foundation, I am the Director of Student Services at the California School for The Deaf. I live in Southern California with my husband, Chuck and our black and white cat, Nik.


    From the great state of Arizona. A University of Arizona graduate in radio and television communications I enjoy working and helping others find the meaning of their lives. I believe the majority of the country knows somebody that has been on dialysis or even any kidney issues of that matter. Our job is to educate them to become familiar with the aspects of renal failure and how much of our normal day we take for granted when it comes to eating and drinking. I became involved in Charles And Jennie Machado foundation to help pass along the word how compassionate it is to share our spare! I also enjoy watching Arizona sunsets


    I was an educator on the high school and college level for 40 years and am now retired. Up until late 2013 when my nephew Michael had total renal failure at the age of 24, I had never known anyone with kidney disease. The fact that 20,000 Californians and 100,000 people nationwide are waiting for a kidney transplant is mind boggling considering the fact that we all have a “spare” kidney. We only need one. After being an eye witness to Michael’s medical emergency, multiple hospital stays, surgeries, dialysis and eventual transplant, I will dedicate myself to our foundation to help others who are in the same boat but do not have a voice. I am here to help by finding living donors for those who are waiting for that match. As Robin Roberts said prior to her bone marrow transplant: “Make your mess your message.”


    and I am a father of a kidney transplant patient as well as an Ambassador and spokesman for the National Kidney Foundation.
    I believe that to enact change, we must become part of the change we are seeking. When I see a hundred thousand people suffering, living by the dialysis process, it upsets me because we are a nation of greatness. I have seen people accomplish some amazing things and one of the things we must accomplish is to become the voice for those who cannot speak. If our lives are to mean anything at all, it must encompass helping others.
    Together with my wife, Jennie, I have started the Charles and Jennie Foundation to deliver on these beliefs.


    a Chief Financial Officer for a company located in Tucson, Arizona.
    It is my life’s purpose to help others and when someone I loved so dearly was diagnosed with ESRF, I knew I had to do something. Now that he was given another chance and the precious gift of life, I wanted to be involved with others who may also receive a live kidney donation. I am eager to work with The Charles and Jennie Machado Foundation to provide opportunity that to the 100,000 plus waiting for a kidney donation.


    My work with kidney patients goes back quite a while, first managing, then overseeing a string of dialysis centers in Arizona. After, I owned and operated a pharmacy with my wife, Toni. When Chuck and Jennie asked me to become involved with their organization, the butterflies started in my stomach because I’ve known them for over twenty years and have seen what they can do when they commit to something. I am thrilled to be a part of this. Never did I believe my past work would be so important and I enthusiastically bring my experience to the Charles and Jennie Machado Foundation in order to bring patients and donors together.


Live Kidney Donation is a site started by The Charles and Jennie Machado Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) organization. It is a place where kidney patients, for a nominal cost, can upload their story in video form, using a smart phone. It is a place where readers can become aware of the challenges kidney patients face and it is a place that connects people.

Several people have asked me why I created a website to match kidney donors and recipients. There are several sites that document the facts, but we are going to do something completely different. We are going to give kidney patients a voice-and a way to connect to the world through video.

Here, you can tell your story and if you are honest and authentic, my bet is that people will resonate with you. In the business world, where I come from, it’s a known fact that people do business with people they like-people they trust. Be Honest and Be Real!

When I was taking my son to dialysis three times a week, I would look around and see all these people with this same stare. No, it was more like a vacant look and it reminds me of holocast pictures. Im too young to have endured such a tragedy, but in the pictures – these horrible images, I can understand their hopelessness. That vacant look in their faces tells their story. They have no hope and they are simply existing.

This is the same feeling I get in a dialysis center and I used to leave depressed. To think that my son would soon be one of these people who has also given up hope made me very sad and I just wasn’t going to let that happen.

I kept wondering why dialysis patients couldn’t reach out to a friend, a relative. Surely they knew someone who would donate a kidney. I mean its not like giving up an arm or leg. Sure, it’s an organ, but it’s only a kidney. People have two and they function so perfectly well that we can live with one kidney working at half speed.

After many dialysis trips and many conversations with patients, seeking to,comprehend how they feel, I finally understood that they cant ask. They don’t understand how to ask. They are sick and many don’t have the courage to ask. To beg and to plead is just something they cannot do on their own. Then, finally after months and years hooked up to a machine, their story is no longer important and they cease to exist. Hope is gone and exist. Day to day, sometimes hour by hour.

This is when I knew that I would help them. I had to. What other choice do I have? These people are our neighbors, members of our community and they are our family. When kidney disease strikes, it often arrives without notice. There by the grace of God, is me.

And I knew then that they needed help and I would ask for them and I would give them hope and together, I am asking. I am begging you to search your heart because you and me, we are going to wipe that vacant stare, the face of hopelessness, we are going to eradicate it. We can help these people. We have to.


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